Monday, 11 April 2011

QS Terra fairy Sprite - 6029 / 34595

So over the last two days I got just a little done.  I tried my hand at stitching two handed with a floor stand.  It wasn't bad, my left hand, the non-dominant one needs a lot of practice.  They say that you can stitch faster with two hands.  I don't know,  I was too impatient to wait for my left hand to work properly.  After reading on the BB about floor stands and the like, I thought to give it a go.  Many were stitching with their dominant hand under and other over.  For me that would mean right under and left over.  I think with a little practice it could be something I could do in the future.  But right now, I couldn't get over the part where I could see where I wanted my left hand to put the needle but my hand was just not co-operating.  Also my floor stand isn't the greatest, its a little wobbly, and doesn't have the proper clamp to use for a Q-snap. I tried stitching with a roller frame but just couldn't get the hang of it!  It wouldn't roll right for me, and if its not rolling right that meant that it wasnt' taut enough for me to stitch.  So maybe in the future I may invest in a better lap stand or floor stand with the proper clamps for the Q-snap and give two handed stitching a go.  Right now I didn't see much improvement in the speed of my stitching, I know I should give it more than one night, but really, I am way too impatient!  If I can find a rotating Q-snap clamp I may give it another go.  But for now, back to the comfortable for me!  

Her hair is almost done, and I should soon get to her face.

The photo isn't as clear as I would like it, I had to scan it instead of take a picture this time,  I left my camera at a friends house.  Hope to have it back soon.  I'm loving the highlights in her hair!  



anojaa said...

Hi Vani! the hair of your fairy is almost there: she is lovely! I usually stitch with both hands, the right under ( because I think it's harder to find the holes from under). It's faster because you don't have to make too many movements. But then, until now I have always worked with frames and 18 count or less. Since the day I began using the q-snaps (mostly for HAED) I am using my right hand only. Actually, I found that using both hands was slowing me down on 28 count. Have you tried the easy clip frame? They are easy to use and I think they roll well and tight. I usually use the sewing system, but you can't change your project as you wish :( So it's up to you to find the way which makes you comfortable. Happy stitching

Vani said...

Thanks Anojaa, I seem to be comfortable with the one handed for now, but will keep in mind about the easy clip frame!