Monday, 25 April 2011

SK Winter Wings - 1089 / 25116

Over this long weekend I  didn't do a whole lot of stitching!  We went out of town and I didn't bring my stitching, so I had a very lazy weekend.  But when we came back on Sunday I got a few stitches in.  On every 24th and 25th of the month I stitch a winter/christmas themed chart as part of a sal on the BB.  The chart I work on every month is SK Winter Wings by Nene Thomas.  I had already in the past worked on her some before picking her up last night, so I just picked up from there,  I have completed a little over 1000 stitches!

I really can't make anything out.  That may be her face in the upper left corner, but its really too close to the edge to be her face, so I will just have to wait patiently for her to appear!



Lou said...

I love it when you can't see anything in the stitching when you start, and then suddenly stitches fall into place and the image appears - look forward to seeing more progress on this!

Lesleyanne said...

Look forward to seeing your progress on this one.

Joysze said...

Yummy blues so far. :D Looking forward to more.

Haruaki said...

Hello. Nice to meet you.
This is Haruaki. I'm a Japanese stitcher. Now I'm stitching HAED-Lovers by Nene Thomas.
There are many stitchers who stitch HAED in JAPAN. But designs of Nene Thomas are not stitched by many Japanese peaople.
So I search a sticher who are stitching Nene Thomas's design. Then I found you.
You also have stitched so many charts like Josephine Wall, Myka Jelina and etc...
They are so beautiful!
I look forward to visiting your blog in the furture.