Tuesday, 21 June 2011

IHSW - Forget Me Not - Janani

Hi all,  I didnt' hermit as much as I would have liked!  But did a little.  Lots of green!

I hope to do much better this week!

My daughter is really enjoying her stitching!  She has finished one square which will be one side to the box we will make!

She then made a start on her next side, she decided to do straight across for this one.

She's doing a great job!  Hopefully next time I will have more to show!

Until the next stitch.


Pauline said...

Mm, it looks to me if Forget me not is a difficult work, with all that green!

Anonymous said...

The greens are amazing :) Sounds like a couple of us had problems beeing a hermit, but at least we all got some progress in the end :)

Your daughter is doing lovely work, too :) I hope she will stick to that hobby :)

anojaa said...

The green are lovely!
Janani is doing wonders! and it seems that she is addicted too ;)

candydeavila said...

You stitched a lot, Vani! I know it is not as much as you would wanted but a progress is a progress! =D
Please congratulate Janani for me. She is doing a great job with her squares... maybe she will have her box ready by the end of next week, she is stitching very quickly and neatly for her young age!
Like mother like daughter.
Happy stitching!

The Maiden said...

I always tell myself "every stitch counts"!!! Little by little this piece will come to life. Great stitching!

Delphyne S said...

She's doing great! :)

demeter83 said...

THe shading's absolutely gorgeous, and your daughter's made beautiful progress

Mangogirl said...

Wow your work is great and it is lovely to see your daughter's progress. It will be exciting for her to be able to use the end product.

Tama said...

What lovely, lovely green! I really like how the colors blend. I love that pattern.
Your daughters stitching is so cute!

wendy111 said...

I love what your daughter is doing and your stitching is lovely too (that is a lot of green!)

Joysze said...

Ooooh, love the greens... adore the greens.... hubba hubba GREENS!!! :D

Congrats to your daughter for finishing her first square. :D Tell her I'm excited to see her 2nd square finished. :D

mdgtjulie said...

Congrats to both of you on your progress. Maybe she could do one side with diagonals, and one up and down. Then squares (separate the space into quarters and do four squares or rectangles) and I can't think of another option, lol. But that way all the sides would be different!

Michelle said...

What a lot of green, i imagine that's diffucult to work on for a longer time.. But it looks very nice