Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Shoreline Village Update

Hello everyone,  I am happy to say that I have something to show you on Shoreline.  But before I do that I would like to say a very Happy 6th Birthday to my baby girl.  Hope you have a fabulous day Janani! Mommy loves you!
And now onto the stitching, Shoreline has a massive amount of confetti in the entire chart, except for the sky.  Besides the sky I have become resigned to the fact that I will have to go through pages and pages of confetti to get my end result.  But honestly I don't mind, cause have you seen the end result!  I wish you could see it in person,  when you stand back from it a little it really looks amazing, and I can't wait to wash it and see what it will look like when it all comes together!  Anyway, so since there is so much going on it is slow progress on Shoreline, but still progress! 
In this one you can see the pathway beginning to take shape with the greenery on both sides.

In this photo more is getting done with the buildings, as will as the pathway starting to get filled in.

I'm looking forward to moving on, I really like working on the flowers!  They look so pretty!

Happy Stitching everyone!



Lissanne said...

This is going to be beautiful! I love how beautiful the colors are.

Heli said...

Yes, I can see that the confetti is worth the trouble. Can't wait for more progress pics!

Anonymous said...

This really looks like a lot of confetti but it's worth it =) It will be amazing when it's done!!

mdgtjulie said...

It's beautiful Vani. I love the colors in this chart! Beautiful! And a happy belated birthday to your six year old!!

nuttystar said...

Wow it looks amazing Vani! Keep going with that confetti xx

The Crafty Princess said...

Stunning work Vani. Congrats on your progress on this chart. And you're absolutely right, it is a very beautiful chart and will be well worth the pain of confetti. Enjoy the flowers! Happy birthday to your little one I hope she had a great day. xo

Anonymous said...

Your piece looks amazing! Can´t wait to see more of it.