Monday, 28 April 2014

Golden Promises 23030/183050

Another page finished on her!  There is a lot of detail in this one and you cant see it until you step back!  

Looks like the top of her head is finished almost.  I guess I will get to more flowers on the next page.  You cant see it in the pic but there are sparklies!  I really enjoyed stitching up her jewellery. Cant wait to move on to the next page!  I will be picking up Autumn Owl Trio next and then back to Shore Line and then this one again. 

Happy Stitching.


Pull the other thread said...

Stunning stitching.

Monique said...

She looks stunning so far. Wish we could see the sparkles but they never do show in pics.

demeter83 said...

The colours are beautiful, and hooray for a page finish!