Thursday, 4 December 2014

Shore Line Village 91552/161550

Here is a long overdue update on Shore line.  It took so long because it was sky....  So much sky.... got boring at times, but I kept on..  Here is the result.

The page I just finished:

And the whole piece so far!
I hope the next page does not take this long and is a little more interesting.  I understand the need for the pages and pages of sky,  and love the end result, but really dont like stitching them!
Cant wait to see the next page!


Katie said...

Lovely stitching! The sky is going to look so gorgeous!
I own the chart for Bookworm Fairy, but I haven't worked up the courage start it yet. What fabric you generally use for your HAEDs, and is there a certain fabric you'd recommend for a beginner? I've been stitching for a couple years, but I haven't worked on anything big yet. I heard you shouldn't do 1 over 1 on evenweave, but have you experienced any problems with it? Is there a reason other than size of the finished piece to choose evenweave over aida? Sorry for all the questions, but you've done so many HAEDs and your stitching is so lovely!
Thanks so much~

Vani said...

Hi Katie, I emailed you the answers to your questions but if any one is interested I thought I would write some short answers here for any one else who is interested. I use mostly even weave and Aida. I would recommend 18 count for beginners just until you get the hang of working heads and then it's personal preference after that. Ebbed weave isn't a problem as long as you are careful with not pulling your stitches to tight. Especially the bottom leg of an X. If you pull to tight they tend to slip between the exec weave.
I love the questions ask me any time!