Friday, 12 November 2021

October Update!

 A little late with my progress update on October month of stitching, but here it is!

It was a busy month as I tried to get to a finish point on certain projects, so not much variety but some good progress none the less!

Lets start with my focus pieces,  


I got another diagonal complete!!! I am so happy with how this one is coming along, I really pushed to get this diagonal completed. You can see the next hand appearing, and more of the pink flower is growing.  I just love the colors and the detail in this piece sooo much!

Siamese Fighting Fish

Another Diagonal complete on this one as well!!! I am getting to really like this project more and more!  I am really happy with how its turning out.  Its a big one, so slow progress, which is why I like to celebrate the little milestones!

Mystery Sal
Sleepy Owlet

I have a page finish!!!  So So happy this this finish, it felt like this page took a long time.  The confetti in this page was very heavy but sooooo worth it. The  detail that the confetti brings out is fantastic! Can't wait to keep working on this on. I think I might do the page under the eyes next!

On to the wips in my Rotation,

Mini Avarice

I love this piece so much!!! The different shades of yellow and browns create really nice detail.  I am enjoying stitching on this one quite a lot, it makes me very happy!

World Travel Bookshelf

Made a little bit of progress on this one!  The man in the pic is becoming clearer and clearer! Can't wait to finish this section and move onto the next!

Peacock Glamour

Always a slow stitch, but I feel like I am finally moving along on this one.  That's the start of the wing at the bottom center of the neck!

QS Life is an Open Book London

More and more detail comes out with each stitch. My favourite part is the ivy on the arch.

And thats' it for my October stitching! Until next time!

Happy Stitching!

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