Thursday, 7 April 2011

QS Terra Fairy Sprite

Hi!  I am currently stitching a HAED chart - QS Terra Fairy Sprite.  I started her as part of the Freebie Sal on the HAED Bullitin Board, which I joined back in December of 2010.  I am currently on her very first page. I started her in January but only worked on her for three days.  Here is what she will look like once completed.

Before I picked it up this week here is what I had done.

And here is what I have done as of last night.

As you can see I like to do Cross Country stitching.  I am stitching her on 22 count Aida, 2 over 1 full cross.  I have been working on her for a total of about 8 days.  I dont have the stitch count with me but will write that in my next post.  I like to work color by color, and hopefully will be able to post a picture of my work after each night of stitching, kind of like a picture diary!  Since I work in cross country and one color at a time, its kind of like coloring by numbers!   


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anojaa said...

you've made great progress for one night! I use the same method but gosh, I'm not that fast. Looking forward to your next posts