Thursday, 14 April 2011

QS Terra Fairy Sprite 6711 / 34595

So finally Photobucket is co-operating, not totally, still having some issues.  Some of my past post links weren't working so I had to try and work around that and re link some photos.  But not going to vent about that! I am going to talk about how I am very close to finishing this first page!!!! 

First I will show what I had finished the last time, what I couldn't show you in my last post:

6360 / 34595

Then when I picked her up last night I was determined to finish all the confetti and missed stitches on the page!!  So I am happy to say that I did that, and not only that I finished her face, so all I have to do now is the black! 

6711 / 34595

As I get close to the page finish I get more and more excited!  It really motivates me to hurry it up already!!! I will say though some parts in her face were hard to stitch.  In the sense that since I cross country stitch, the threads that I carry in the back were building up because around the edge of her face and in her neck there is a lot of confetti.  I am thinking changing my sttitching a little for the next time.  Instead of carrying threads all over the page, I am thinking of trying to work in columns.  I thought to still do cross country but in smaller sections.  One or two columns at a time.  Its something to think about, I really had a hard time getting the needle through in some spots that were confetti heavy.

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Anonymous said...

Terra looks great! I loved visiting your blog. You are working on some really nice pieces. Can´t wait to see more progress :)