Friday, 15 April 2011

QS Terra Fairy Sprite - 7840 / 34595

I am so happy to say that I have finished the first page on my fairy sprite!!!!  I am really happy with the result, as with any stitching she looks great when all the stitches get put together, and you take a step back to appreciate what you have done.  I am always apprehensive with the amount of black that goes in some of my stitching, but again after I step back and look at the piece properly I realise that the black is there for a reason.  Even though it can be tedious to stitch unending black, (I've come to strongly dislike the number 310) I realise that the reason for the most part that its there is to highlight and complement the surrounding colors.  So I will stitch the 310 with minimal complaints!

Here she is,

I think she looks gorgeous, sad but gorgeous. Its funny when I look at the picture of the finished chart she looks so happy and sweet, but with just half her face, and her smile not quite there yet, she looks very forlorn.  Its amazing that the same picture will look so different page by page.

Until the next stitch...


Joysze said...

I love her eye, Vani. I agree with you, she looks so sad.... but so beautiful. I hate stitching with 310, the coverage is never quite enough for me.

Happy stitching... OH and btw, would love to invite you to join our International Hermit and Stitch Weekend that's going on this weekend. :)

Tara said...

wow i love your stitching...and we will now have the pleasure of joining us on our blog welcome big hugs Tara xxxx