Thursday, 19 May 2011

Forget Me Not - 6587 / 240000

So I only got a little under 300 stitches in last night.  I was tired last night and I had to get my sons dance recital costume hemmed which I was putting off.  His recital is toight, so I may not get much done tonight either.  We'll see.  It is nice to see that I am makeing progress, you can't tell just to look at it, but when I compare to the previous picture I can tell! 

I am so excited to get to the bottom right corner, I think in the symbols I spied some blue!  But I'm making myself wait to do that last!

Until the next stitch...


anojaa said...

It's almost done, Vani! well done, it looks great

Anonymous said...

Lovely progress :)
After a few nights of having hardly time for stitching, a free night of stitching will feel like heaven ;)

Joysze said...

Looks great, Vani, and for sure you've made a lot of progress! :D How was your son's recital?