Tuesday, 24 May 2011

IHSW - Forget-Me-Not - Golden Promises

So its the end of another IHSW.  I was able to finish my page on Forget Me Not!!! And I absolutely love the spot of blue in the bottom right corner.  

After I finished this I picked up my Golden Promises to try and get a few stitches in her!

I am happy to have finished the page on Forget Me Not, and even happier to pick up Golden.  Tonight as part of the Christmas/Winter Sal that I do on every 24 and 25 I will be working on Winter Wings for a couple of nights, then back to Golden.  
Joyse,  my sons recital was fabulous!  8-10 year olds doing hip hop!  It couldnt get any better!  Next month I have my daughters ballet recital.  That should be real cute!

Happy Stitching all!


wendy111 said...

Nice to see your IHSW progress, these are amazing WIP's that you are doing. I look forward to seeing them grow and the beautiful details emerge.

Happy stitching

demeter83 said...

The both look gorgeous, don't you love it when you see something appear in a corner that you know is going to be a major feature on teh next page!

Lou said...

Amazing progress on both Vani! Hip hop and ballet recital sound good! Love that you do a christmas rotation on the 25 and 26!

anojaa said...

Well done, Vani! I'm looking forward to seeing this blue becoming gorgeous flowers soon :)

Pauline said...

You did a great job!