Friday, 6 May 2011

Shore Line Village - 45118 / 161550

The houses on the left are finally coming together!! Its been fun stitching on this piece, especially when the stitches start coming together.  There are still a lot of invisible stitches in there that probably won't show up properly until the surrounding stitches are put in! 

Please excuse my thumb! I think my favourite part is the vines that are hugging the corner of the grey cottage! 

Also on a side note, a couple of weeks ago we had a birthday party for my sons 8th birthday and being a boy hes very into bakugons.  So I asked a very good friend of mine to make a cake for him, which she does as a hobby.  And she did such a fantastic job. The idea is that the bakugon is coming out of a nintendo 3DS. 

Needless to say he loved it!

Until the next stitch...


anojaa said...

You have made a lot of progress, Vani. The shore line village is so beautiful. The cake looks awesome, your friend is really gifted!

megan_bright said...

Ohh! I love this! I'm starting my first HAED soon :D

Lou said...

Great progress on Shore Line Village! And love the cake! Amazing!! Are you participating in the SK SAL? I'm really curious to find out which one you are going to choose (if you're taking part) as we have chosen the same projects on the last two SAL's.