Thursday, 16 June 2011

SK Sunny - 10711 / 21370

So Sunny has been slow going the past few days, life got a little busy.  But I managed to put in a few stitches in her.

Her arm is all filled out and her hair is getting fuller!  Love the shades in her hair. I think her neck looks weird, but I will probably have to wait until the otherside of the page get done before she starts to look normal!  And I just noticed that you can start to see the outline of the flower on her shirt! I love it when that happens!  I am hoping to get more done on her tonight before I put her away.  Tomorrow as well as being the start of IHSW I am also participating in a two week Fairy day SAL on the HAED BB which starts tomorrow!  Its to celebrate Fairy Day which is on June 24th!  I will be working on Forget Me Not exclusively for the next two weeks.

On a side note I would like to tell you about a contest posted by Bev on her new blog, Click Here. To celebrate her new blog address she is hosting a contest and offering some wonderful prizes!   Check it out!

Until the next stitch...


candydeavila said...

Sunny is growing beautifully, Vani!
I am also very excited with the Fairy SAL! Bet Forget me not will grow a lot... and maybe some detail will start to appear. ;)
Congratulations on your progress!!!

Lesleyanne said...

Sunny is looking great. Look forward to seeing your progress for ISHW.

Delphyne said...

I really love her colors.

Anonymous said...

Sunny is so pretty :) Her heir looks so lovely! Her neck doesn't look so funny to me, I guess it's because you see only half of it..

Michelle said...

She looks lovely! I love the collors in her hair and eyes..