Tuesday, 9 August 2011

QS Terra Fairy Sprite - 11926 / 34595

I am really enjoying working on my Terra!  She's coming along and I am getting to her wings now, which are turning out to be very colorful. 

Here you can see the outline of her fairy wings starting to appear!

Now I'm getting to see all the lovely colors that are going into those beautiful wings!

What I really love about this is the gradual shift between colors.  It happens so you don't even notice.  One minute you are stitshing dark brown and the next bright orange.  And when you step back and take a look, it all fits together beautifully.  The way the different shades of the colors blend together is amazing!  Thats one of the reasons I love crossstitching so much.  Simply said its just one 'x' after another.  But when you step back you can see that put together those little x's have created something quite beautiful!  

Until the next Stitch!


Pauline said...

She is a beauty!

Joy said...

She really is pretty. I feel the same way about the colors coming together to make the picture. I always step back to take that look. Makes me smile every time.

Anonymous said...

She's gorgeous! I love her face and I can't wait to see her wings =)

Anonymous said...

You will love stitching the rest of this page then! I think she is such a beautiful fairy. Great progress!

mdgtjulie said...

It is a wonderful thing to take a step back and see what you have wrought! Your QS looks great, Vani. I love her eyes; they're so gorgeous!!