Monday, 12 November 2012

My Goals!

Hi all!  

So even though I have not been blogging like a good girl I have been stitching.  I am trying to complete all the stitching goals that I made on the HAED bb.  I completed one when I  finished the second column on Shore Line Village.  I just finished another one!  I finished the first page in QS Siberian Forest!

Here is what it looked like the last time I posted about it..

And here it is all finished, well the first page anyway!

Yea!  And now I am working on another goal.  I have 6 more goals to finish before the end of the year!  Wish me luck!



Lesleyanne said...

Great progress on Siberian forest. He looks gorgeous. Good luck with your goals.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful stitching progress =) I'm crossing my fingers for you that you'll have enough stitching time =)

sharine said...

He looks wonderful. Good luck for your other goals:)

EvalinaMaria said...

It looks awesome! And, I see, I'm not the only one who 'runs with the color' instead stitching by blocks...

Anonymous said...

What happened tp this project?