Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Long time no Blog!

I have been a bad blogger!  But I have a good excuse!  I was moving provinces, with little to no down time.  Any down time I had was used to do nothing, just sit and do nothing to give my body a break.  I am now in the new place, kids have started school, and I finally have my stitching time back!  I have two updates to give you.

I started on the next page in Shore Line Village.  This would be the first page in the third column!

And then I worked on Mini Dragon Charmer for one day as per my rotation.  I am trying to get back on schedule!

I will give you a before for this one as its been so long!

 I am really excited to get to more  colours with this one!  Anyway, I hope to be a good blogger from now on!  See you soon!



Monique said...

Welcome back. Glad you are settled and look forward to you getting back into stitching so we can see more pics.

Anonymous said...

It's so good to hear from you again, I really missed your updates =)
Great stitching progress =)

Joysze said...

Welcome back, Vani!! :D Glad that things are settled down. How's the new house? :)

Both WIPs look great. :D