Wednesday, 13 April 2011

QS Terra Fairy Sprite - 6360 / 34595

So I am actually making some nice progress towards finishing this first page on Terra.  Unfortunetly I am not able to show you yet because Photobucket is under maintence.  Rather than tell you how frustrated I am about that I am going to talk about my stitching!  Which is a much better topic. 

I have been steadily working on the confetti, I probably have just a handful of confetti colours left.  My goal is to finish this page in the next two days.  After the confetti I just have two colours of stitching in big sections.  Thats 310 and another colour that will stitch most of her face that is on this page.  I've given myself the target to finish in two days, hope I can make it.  As this weekend is going to be very busy getting ready for my sons birthday party I have picked a fairly easy (stitching wise) chart to work on, I will be working on my SK Sunny that I started as part of the HAED BB 2010 July - December Sal. 

Happy Stitching


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anojaa said...

So bad Photobucket couldn't make it yet, no photos, snif :(
Hope you will have a wonderful preparing your sons birthdays. Can't wait to see Sunny