Monday, 30 May 2011

Golden Promises - 4082 / 182050

I am happy with the progress I made over the weekend.  Especially as it was a busy weekend life wise!  I am really looking forward to a page finish for this project!  I am aiming for the end of the week, lets see what happens.  I am hoping to get through the confetti at the bottom of the page next so that I will leave the majority of the page which is white, last, so I have a better chance of flying through that. 

Heres the page as a whole:

And here are some close ups of the sparklies!

I have to say I was a little apprehensive about working with the Kreinik.  I have only ever used it in test stitching .  But to my surprise it wasn't that bad!  And having the thread heaven helped so much.  It made for much smoother stitching!!! I am happy with the Sparklies and am actually looking forward to much more!

Until the next Stitch!


Lou said...

Woo - fantastic stitching! And your sparklies are looking good! I lov thread heaven, but still have to use it with a thread of white as well. Fingers crossed you get to finish your page!

Pauline said...

It,s a beauty!!

spellcards said...

The sparklies are looking excellent in the pic. It is great because they normally do not show up in the pictures...
Lovely sky!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful stitching. Good luck for the confetti and I believe in you to meet your goal of finishing the page until the end of this week :)
The Kreinik look fabulous!