Tuesday, 10 January 2012

QS Siberian Forest 1496 / 20449

I am so much enjoying stitching!   Its such a lovely hobby!  I think I can kind of make out where I am in the first page of my tiger.  I was thinking that he would be asymmetrical but he is in fact off centre. 

So I do believe that the dark section on the bottom of the page is actually the top and down the side of his nose under the eye on the left side!  So I think the eye will be appearing there just above the long line of stitches on the left!  I love trying to figure out whats what!

Until the next Stitch!


sharine said...

Great start!

Donna said...

I am stitching this too, you have made a great start. You are ahead of me so looking at yours is giving me motivation!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks fantastic =)

Joysze said...

Great start on this, Vani.

Monique said...

I found your blog today and am amazed at your work. Makes me finally get up the guts to start my first HAED which I have been putting off due to worrying about many things. What I do want to ask you is how you keep count of the amount of stitches you have completed?